Saving the world one single-serve cup at a time.


First and foremost, we care about creating a terrific cup of coffee. Our Compostable single serve capsule brews one heck of a cup. Not only does the design make for a higher water to coffee ratio, but it preserves flavor notes by giving you an extraction like no other single serve cup on the market.

Made out of a Bamboo Resin and corn-based PLA material, our Compostable capsule and lidding film can withstand the pressure and heat of your single-serve brewer, and compost down to natural matter at your local Composting Facility within 90 days. The best part? We pack these capsules into a compostable bag with ASTM certified Compostable labels. So at the end of the day, you're left with a pretty serious caffeine buzz and a clean conscience.

These capsules meet all ASTM standards of Compostability, but more importantly, go beyond our standards for an incredible cup of coffee.