Detailed flavor notes and wordy descriptions don't always do justice for just how enjoyable a cup of coffee actually is. While we would like to write a thought or two about how somebody needs to invent scratch and sniff photos via the internet, we’ll save that for another day.

We would, simply put, just love for you to be able to make a well-informed decision about what coffee is right for you on any particular day. We also know that before all else, you need to understand what sets each coffee apart (ours in particular).

We assume that generally, most people understand the difference between a light, medium and dark roast. Seeing as we don’t sell any light roasts, we’ll stick to medium and dark, because the stronger the coffee, the better…right? Right.

Our medium roasts are Bright Midnight blend, Good Morning blend, Not My House blend, Mount Meru Tanzania and Yiragacheffe Ethopia single origins. These medium roasts are delicate and smooth with low acidity.

Our Good Morning, Not My House and Yiragacheffe Ethopia are all perfect morning wake-me-ups. They each have a mild, nutty quality, that’s followed by either tinge of sweetness or a tart citrus finish.

Bright Midnight and Mount Meru Tanzania have more of a kick to them. They are both elegantly rich and hold more of a spicy quality. Personally, we prefer either of these as an icy cold brew, or an evening recharge.

Our dark roasts are Lost City blend and Antigua Guatemala single origin. Both of these have quite the perfect merriment of sweetness and spice. Lost City has a rich sweetness comparable to that of molasses, and Guatemala has the light sweetness of honey or ripened fruit.

Antigua Guatemala single origin is the perfect coffee for an early morning commute, and Lost City is a slow-sipper that pairs well with a chilly, autumn evening – which may be why it’s been a fan favorite with the changing season!

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