Autumn is sneaking up on us, and we're totally okay with that. In the meantime, we'll get you up to speed with our favorite cold brew recipe to savor while the warm weather lingers (sigh). Cold brews can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be, which opens up so many doors to improvisation and creativity.

We're going to keep it pretty simple over here, but keep an eye out for our coffee cold brewed and featured in a more glamorous light on The Golden Girl blog in the coming weeks (since, come on, you can never have too many cold brew recipes. They're pretty darn awesome).

Tried and true, all of our coffees produce a killer cold brew, but I'm pretty keen on our Bright Midnight blend as of late. The flavor profiles shine like crazy. The longer you let it steep, the richer and fruiter it becomes. (it's just as awesome hot, let me tell you).

If you aren't familiar with cold brews in general, you need to know that the steep time is far (and by far...I mean 12+ hours) longer than hot coffee. Don’t sweat it though – throw it in the fridge overnight and you’re golden come morning. Believe me, it's worth it!

Let’s cut to the chase. You need the following:

  • French Press
  • Fresh, whole bean Nomad Coffee Roasters Bright Midnight blend
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Measuring cups
  • Organic, non-sweetened cashew milk
  • Ice tray

After numerous failed (drinkable, but by no means “great”) attempts to get the perfect flavor, I found that 3 cups of water to 2/3 cup of ground coffee works best. SO, to get started, grind your Bright Midnight beans on a setting somewhere between medium and fine, so that the grounds don’t sneak out of the French Press filter when you plunge.

Measure out 2/3 cup of the freshly ground beans, and pour them into the French Press (with top and plunger removed). Measure 3 cups of cold, purified water and pour over the grounds. Mix until the grounds are fully saturated and place the top back on with the plunger pulled all the way up. Now – time to steep! Place the French Press into your refrigerator carefully, as not to accidently plunge down the grounds.

Fill your ice cube tray with organic, non-sweetened cashew milk and pop it in the freezer. I like to take the tray out after a few hours and add a couple drops of honey to the top of each cube. Although honey doesn’t freeze, it will thicken atop the freezing ice…I mean, cashew cubes. The honey really brings out the fruity profiles in Bright Midnight.

I typically start the cold brew in the evening and let it steep overnight. 12 hours is the absolute minimum amount of time you can let a cold brew steep. Believe me, the last thing you want to do is compromise the flavors of a cold brew.

When the wait is all but over, plunge the grounds down slowly, and pour straight from the French Press into a fancy glass filled to the brim with cashew milk and honey ice cubes.

If you aren't drinking it all at once (which would be crazy, then you'll be awfully happy to know that you can refrigerate your fresh, cold brew (poured into another vessel) for about 5 days.

Happy cold brewing, all!

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